Behind the Scenes

MOTOTREK is a YouTube series for adventure motorcycle travelers.

We create high-quality, entertaining, educational videos about motorcycle skills, tips and tech for traveling the world on two wheels.

MOTOTREK was conceptualized in Jan 2017 by filmmaker Tim Tyler who was waiting out a particularly glum pacific northwest winter in Olympia, WA. Tim contacted professional motorcycle instructor Bret Tkacs, soon to return from a season-long ride through western Africa, and the two agreed to collaborate and create instructional YouTube videos for adventure motorcyclists.

Tim produced 80 MOTOTREK videos from 2017-2019 including a few with guest hosts including Helge Pedersen from GlobeRiders, Iain Glynn from Touratech, world traveler rtwPaul and motorcycle travel author Sam Manicom. In 2020 MOTOTREK welcomed new host Dusty Wessels, a professional motorcycle instructor with West38 Moto.

MOTOTREK’s unique percussive soundtrack is produced by composer/drummer Matt Jorgensen. Matt’s ability to create custom music tracks overnight is amazing.


  • 7.1M Video views in 2020
  • 175K Subscribers (+61K in 2020)
  • 25% Viewers are in North America (UK 6% / IN 5% / AUS 5% / DE 5%)
  • 88% Viewers are 25-65 years old, evenly spread.

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