Kawasaki KLE 650 Log



8/12/2016 / 0 miles
200 miles around Mt Rainier <4000 rpm
Oil change – Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40, K&N filter
Add 30a accessory relay, USB power

8/28/2016 / 600 miles
300 miles around the Olympic Peninsula <4000 rpm
Oil change – Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40, K&N filter
Add LED driving lights, Spot Tracker + USB power, batter tender
Add Happy Trails SU luggage rack and panniers
Oxford “Adventure” Heated Grips, Vortex swingarm spools, Mastech PN103.006 Crashbar,
Cyclops LED headlight hi/low bulbs 2200 lumen each

11/2016 – 3300 miles
Add Touratech rear top rack.

1/2017 – 3300 miles
Removed fuel evaporator canister
Paint front fairing black. Rewire accessory connections.
Add Pelican 1550 top case, BlackDogCycleWorks light mounts, turnbuckle rack supports


2/2017 3500 miles
Oil & Filter change: Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 10w40 / HF303
Lube clutch and throttle cables
Install Nemo2 chain oiler, rear tail-brake-turn LED lights

5/2017  5800 miles
Shinko 705  Rear Tire – 150/70R-17 TL/Blackwall
Shinko 705 front tire – 120/70R17 58H

6/2017  6700 miles
Oil change: Lucas Semi Synthetic 10W40

6/2017 9000 miles
DID 520VX2-114 X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

7/2017  10,000 miles
Oil + filter change  : Quicksilver 20w50 Motorcycle oil
brake fluid refresh f+r

9/2017 12260 miles
Shinko 705  Rear Tire – 150/70R-17 TL

Oil Change 10w-40
Clutch cable lube


1/2018 : 14,000 miles
Adjusted throttle body at idle with Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter
New spark plugs – NGK (6289) CR9EIA-9 (old plugs looked fine)
New air filter
Added short clutch and brake levers, new clutch cable
Clean chain, clean sprockets
Set fork and shock sag to 1.90″